Svitlana Kovalenko, wife of Andrii Meleshevych

One summer, for the first time, I heard Andriy call the entrants. Personally. “Good day. This is Andrii Meleshevych, the dean of the Mohyla Law Faculty. Congratulations, you have been admitted. ” And somewhere there, at the other end of the conversation, there was a loud girl’s squeak, a young man’s “Oh, thank you!”, Or “Mom! I passed. ” And then the agitation began. So that they have time to bring documents, so that parents do not drink calming medicine, so that after the first fun in the dormitory, both students and the dormitory remain intact))). Then there is the agitation that someone is slipping classese, someone is plagiarizing a diploma, and someone is suffering because of unrequited love.
When Andrii was elected president of the Academy, the calls, as well as the agitation, became much more frequent.
But all this was overcome by pride. Andrii was incredibly proud of Kyiv-Mohyla students. He always said that they are the smartest, the most creative and the best.
He sincerely believed that educated, active people could change the world for the better. Therefore, Andrii generously gave his knowledge, inexhaustible energy and soul to students.
Now is our time.
It’s time to support the best and give it a chance. Time to support the future.
It’s time to remember Andrii.

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