Roman Nabozhnyak

We were not close acquaintances. I worked with Andrii Meleshevych as the dean of the FPvN while working in the PR department – in preparation for the open day and Dedication or Convocation – I can’t remember for sure. But what I remember is when Andrii and his wife came to our cafe in the first days or weeks after the opening. For me it was a super stressful period, and when I saw them visiting us, just for coffee, to ask how things were, and to support when we were just starting out – it was very strong and touching.

I couldn’t understand then, because obviously, as the President of the Academy, he definitely had a lot of more important things to do than come for coffee to a graduate who didn’t even study at his faculty and with whom he was minimally acquainted. But later, when our business started to get back on its feet, we survived the first quarantines, I realized that thanks to such support it all became possible. I understood the importance of support in the beginning, and I understood WHY they came to us then. And I kept mentioning this episode during the farewell, thinking that I myself pay so little attention to supporting people who are just starting their business, who are at the very beginning of the journey. I thought about how simple it really is, but how important it is. I can’t remember exactly what we talked about, but I will always remember this support for the rest of my life.

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