Petrov Roman Arestovich, teacher of FPvN

I first met Andrii in 2006 at a conference. He immediately attracted attention with his undisguised personality and constant promotion of ideas and values ​​of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy. After the conversation, he invited me to join the Kyiv-Mohyla community. I refused because I felt very good at DonNU. In response, Andriy said that Kyiv-Mohyla Academy is always open to me and all the same, in time I will join her. And so it happened in 2009, when I left the positions of professor and deputy dean of DonNU and moved to associate professor in Kyiv-Mohyla Academy. I traveled for 4 years every month between Donetsk and Kyiv, but I did not regret it for a minute.

In fact, Andrii and my colleagues at the FPN saved me and my family from the war and troubles in Donetsk. Thank you very much for that. There was a moment in 2013 when I was left without a roof, on a street in Kyiv. I came to Andrii and he, without hesitation, invited me to his home. That time was one of the best in my life. I had the good fortune to meet Andriy’s wonderful parents, who welcomed me warmly and supported me during difficult times. Ith’s when I felt the power of goodness and humanity. It was from his wonderful parents that Andrii received infinite amounts of positive energy and kindness.

Kindness is eternal. The memory of Andrii is eternal!

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