Ken Pinnow, Professor of History, Allegheny College, USA

I met Andriy at Allegheny College, USA, in 1999. For me, as a Soviet historian, he was my guide to Ukraine, introducing me to life in Kyiv and, later on, helping me get into the state archives for my research. I will never forget his smile, bright eyes, and generous spirit. He was restless and constantly in motion. Forever the teacher, Andriy wanted to share his intellectual curiosity with everyone, whether it was about his country, politics, or current events. His keen insights pushed me to think more deeply or see things in a different way. While Andriy was serious about work and life, he also had a mischievous and playful side that would suddenly appear on bike rides, walks, and evenings over food and drink. I recall his many stories about the wonders of carp and his enthusiasm over a particular type of berry bush (a piece of home he once smuggled back to the USA from Ukraine to plant in his backyard). I am grateful to Andriy for everything that he did on behalf of the Allegheny College students who spent part of their summers at NaUKMA. I am thankful for his friendship and the many ways that he enriched my life, both professionally and personally. Andriy Meleshevych and his joie de vivre will be greatly missed.

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