Dr Marek Porzycki, Jagiellonian University, Krakow, Poland

I met Professor Andriy Meleshevych in 2006, about the time when I started my academic work at the Jagiellonian University in Krakow, Poland. One of my first tasks was to coordinate the student exchange program with the Law Faculty of the Kyiv-Mohyla University and Professor Meleshevych was its Dean at the time. I remember my first positive shock when I found a Dean willing to answer e-mails of a young unknown academic almost in real time, day or night, and solve any administrative issue that would trouble our program.

This initial contact developed into a long cooperation, countless meetings in Kyiv and Krakow, and – I dare say – a personal friendship. Professor Meleshevych was a true teacher and an inspiring leader while remaining a warm, friendly person. Many of his students told me they admired him. He had a big share in making Kyiv-Mohyla what it is – a community of smart, positive-minded people, making enormous contributions to reforming Ukraine, strengthening its institutions and moving it closer to the West. We had many conversations about the role of Kyiv-Mohyla and its values. For me Professor Meleshevych will always be the unique Kyiv-Mohyla spirit at its very best. It is now our task to make sure that his ideas live on.

Світла пам’ять!

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